Resolutions for Hospital Administrators, Practice Managers & Physicians, Oh My!

January 19th, 2015

It’s never too late for a fresh start, so in the spirit of the New Year we are challenging you to rethink your healthcare marketing strategy, get a little creative and dare to be different.  Healthcare marketing is a very broad term and to tackle a new form of marketing can be intimidating if you don’t know where to start. We are here to help. So, whether you’re a hospital administrator, marketer, practice manager, physician or front-desk staff; we challenge you to do your part in making these resolutions successful:

Resolution 1: Promote more patient reviews online each week

  • You might already be making efforts to get more reviews on websites like Yelp and Facebook, but focus on getting 1-10 more each week. Don’t set your sights too high, but as long as there is improvement, you’re golden!

Resolution 2: Promote better patient engagement with your website

  • You can first focus on increasing traffic but then find a way to keep patients on your website, engaging with your content. You could create an online community or support group or a place where patients can share their testimonials and read others.

Resolution 3: Advertise in a new space

  • Don’t stick with the same lifestyle magazines or billboards you’ve always advertised in each year. Try to think out of the box and explore new forms of online marketing. If you’ve only ever done AdWords, look into affordable options in locally distributed channels through places like schools or churches.

Resolution 4: Tackle video marketing

  • You might be nervous to get started, so just remember that every video you put out doesn’t have to be a Spielberg production or cost you a fortune. You might even be able to enlist the help of an intern or reach out to a local college’s film or marketing classes to see if there are any students interested in helping out.

Resolution 5: Host a CME

  • Putting together a successful CME can take some time but can be incredibly valuable for your staff and others in your medical community. There are loads of resources online to help you get started.

Now go out and tackle these resolutions, because a year from now, you’ll wish you started today!

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The Pieces of Our Online Community Puzzle

November 24th, 2014

AMA Tampa Bay is gearing up to do some serious community building online. Last week we announced the selection of Fry Hammond Barr to help us do it.

Now, what exactly will we do?

First, we plan to set up a members-only section within our new website because, if you’re paying for AMA membership, you deserve something good in return! This section will offer valuable marketing information and opportunities only available to AMA Tampa Bay members. Our goals for our members-only section are the following:

  • Expand knowledge: We want to serve as an educational resource for marketing professionals. Our members-only section will offer an archive with marketing related information that isn’t available elsewhere online, or at least isn’t available elsewhere for free.
  • Share information: Our site will offer a place for you to post information, solicit feedback from others, and discuss any marketing topic that interests you. This will be your opportunity to create an online presence and connect with others in the AMA community.
  • Job search: We’ll offer a network for members to leverage during a job search. We have many connections with reputable companies in the Tampa Bay area. They’re all looking for passionate talented marketing employees at one point or another. What better place to magnify your search than AMA?
  • Recruitment: AMA members will be able to leverage our network to recruit for permanent and contract positions. If you are looking for marketing candidates, you won’t have to spend time weeding out resumes of non-marketers!
  • Find business opportunities: Our members-only section will have requests for proposal (RFPs) and other types of business opportunities listed here that you wouldn’t find elsewhere. We’ll create a space where you can find, connect with, and respond to potential clients.

Outside of the members-only section, you’ll find other features that focus on connecting our website to social media and to other websites. Our first courses of action are the following:

  • Blog: Our blog will update you on AMA’s latest plans, issues, and events.  This will also be a good place to start discussions about what we’ve posted, make suggestions, etc.
  • Dynamic updates/social media: Our site will feature dynamic updates and will be fully integrated with our social media pages.
  • Integration with AMA national chapter: Our site will be fully integrated with the AMA national site. Navigating from one site to the other will be easy. Also, information on the national site that would be useful to our Tampa members will also be available on AMA Tampa’s site. This will offer opportunities for you to connect with AMA members outside of Florida.

Our plans will start with what’s listed above and will continue to grow beyond this. We’re always open to feedback, so please let us know if you have any ideas about other features you believe we should add. We have an exciting journey ahead of us and we hope you’ll join the ride!

About the Author

Chiara Tedone

Chiara Tedone

Chiara is a Digital Content Creator for AMA Tampa Bay.
In her day job, she currently serves as Director of a non-profit medical research organization called Winning the Fight Against Neurodegenerative Diseases, otherwise known as Winning the Fight. She co-founded the organization in 2010 and directs Winning the Fight’s marketing and fundraising projects. She is currently earning her MBA with a specialty in marketing from the University of South Florida. 

Prior to switching careers to be near family, Chiara worked in the national defense field via her employment with Booz Allen Hamilton, a global defense consulting firm. She lived in Washington, DC and served the United States Department of Defense with a focus on global terrorism issues. Prior to her defense work, she earned her BA in International Studies from American University’s School of International Services in 2007.
Chiara’s hobbies include obstacle racing, running, swimming, kayaking, SCUBA diving, and opera/classical singing. She also loves country music and chocolate!
You can contact Chiara at

An Open Letter to Marketers in the Tampa Bay Area.

November 18th, 2014

This is an open letter addressed to those established marketing professionals who have made Tampa Bay home while working tirelessly in a field that seemingly changes as fast as the weather does. This open letter is addressed to those young professionals who are part of the next, great generation of innovators through their marketing ingenuity. This is an open letter to the communicators, creators, supporters, doers and to anyone that has worked in a position where the end consumer is the most important aspect of the business.

The most critical thing we have to do as marketers is create customer value. Not only do we have to find the right channel and messaging, but we need to ensure we can stand by our words with our reciprocal actions and promises. While the AMA Tampa Bay does not have customers, we have members. Our members are afforded additional benefits that the general population does not receive.  In order to retain and grow our membership, we need to do what every company in business should strive to do, create value.

It is with great excitement that we announce our refocused strategy to create such value. The AMA Tampa Bay is putting our members first and is making a commitment to improving the benefits each member receives by being part of an exclusive organization. We are forging forward and revamping our entire strategy with the sole focus on creating member value. We are making major changes to the way we operate and interact with marketers in the area to boost satisfaction with our organization, grow our collective marketing knowledge and prowess, and attract new members to help build a bigger network of some of the best marketing minds in the area.

AMA Tampa Bay is working tirelessly to become the premier source of marketing innovation, knowledge, and professional support in the Tampa Bay area. In addition to providing our members with the tools they need to grow professionally, our goal is to create a community of marketers. In order to do so, AMA Tampa Bay will need to provide access to timely and pertinent content and networking opportunities while using the top-tier marketing platforms in order to ‘practice what we preach.’

The first step in the process is transforming our website into a ‘digital hub.’ I am happy to say that we are not alone in our quest and were not alone with our vision. Through an RFP process, we were able to speak with many creative agencies in and around Tampa Bay to find the right partner to take this journey with us. After a lengthy vetting process, we were able to narrow down ten of the qualifying firms down to just one: Fry Hammond Barr.

Together, we are creating a web-accessible hub that will serve as a catalyst that will transform our organization, the way we do things and our organization’s culture.  Our digital hub will include access to video, news feeds and blogs…both original and syndicated from the top marketing minds across the country. Increasing our content in a variety of formats will keep the site ‘fresh’ and up to date with current events in the marketing world.

We have an ambitious project scope that includes some very important features that will give our members a single platform to access limitless resources to help them grow professionally. We are taking small steps at first to ensure success, but plan on rolling out several robust features over the next year. These features all center on increasing member value.

Lastly, a change in our culture and the way we do things must start with a new look. This is includes crafting a brand new AMA Tampa Bay logo we hope to debut soon. Out with the old, in with the new. 

This is just a small, first step toward building an organization that provides value well in excess of its membership dues. This is just a small, first step toward building the Bay area’s preeminent professional organization for marketers.

Stay tuned…you’re going to want to be part of this revolution.

About the Author

Josh Tahan


Josh is the Director of Digital Strategy for AMA Tampa Bay.

In his day job, he is an Associate Research Consultant with Study Hall Research, a brand and consumer research firm in Tampa. Prior to joining Study Hall, Josh held a Senior Marketing position and responsibilities for a healthcare franchise specializing in the treatment of sleep apnea and its accompanying conditions. In his capacity, Josh oversaw marketing, strategic development, and all research activities for this multi-facility outpatient treatment center.

Josh also brings considerable experience with food and food-related businesses and clients, franchisor relations, and marketing and research consulting for companies as large as $150 million in annual revenues. 

He is also a seasoned speaker, with a wide range of speaking appearances and lectures under his belt.

Contact Josh at

Building a New Digital Hub

October 27th, 2014

You will hear a lot of talk over the next several months about the big changes we have in store at the AMA Tampa Bay.

We wanted to give you a preview.

One of our volunteers interviewed board members, volunteers and other members to get a better sense of what is in the works. This is what she came up with to describe what is in store. Let us know what you think.

AMA Tampa’s Vision

Big changes and benefits are coming for AMA Tampa members! We have a new vision: to create an interactive, dynamic, and engaging digital community. For our members, we want to be a source of education, ideas, inspiration, and relationships…not just a LinkedIn group and an annual membership fee. One key step in creating a strong community is ensuring that all of our members truly feel the benefits of their membership. Several plans will launch us toward that vision.

The First Step: Our Digital Hub

To achieve the dynamic community we envision, we will have to build it. This will require us to replace our current website with a more robust one. AMA members will congregate here to learn, write, share ideas, and connect with each other. Choosing a company to build our digital hub was time consuming, but worth it. From the start, we knew we wanted our web developer to be a Tampa based shop. We were looking for a highly skilled and experienced establishment that was excited to become one of us and to help strengthen our community.

We finally found our match! Ten companies responded to our request for proposal and our board was impressed with every one, which made the decision tough. First, the review committee interviewed 5 of the 10 companies and then chose 2 finalists from that group. There were some technical considerations involved in the decision. One company was a .net platform and the other a WordPress based solution. Both platforms were different in how they would allow the site to grow, in the future maintenance costs, and in the learning curves associated with them.

Each platform had its benefits, but we ultimately chose WordPress, which partially dictated which company we chose in the end. Technicalities and skills aside, our 2 finalists were chosen because they truly shared our vision of building a strong community and they were excited to build a site that will help us do that.

Group Effort

Our website developer will kick-start our efforts to be he hub for marketing innovation in the Tampa Bay area. The website is only the beginning, though. To become a true hub for Tampa area marketers, we need more than a great website. Rebuilding our chapter is a huge ongoing project; we must involve the entire AMA Tampa membership in building the community we envision. Our members who put effort into the overhaul of our chapter can mold the chapter to fit their individual needs. Those who are most involved will benefit the most from their memberships in the end. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities for members with all different skill sets and levels of commitment, so don’t be shy!

About the Author

Chiara Tedone

Chiara Tedone

Chiara currently serves as Director of a non-profit medical research organization called Winning the Fight Against Neurodegenerative Diseases, otherwise known as Winning the Fight. She co-founded the organization in 2010 and directs Winning the Fight’s marketing and fundraising projects. She is currently earning her MBA with a specialty in marketing from the University of South Florida. 

Prior to switching careers to be near family, Chiara worked in the national defense field via her employment with Booz Allen Hamilton, a global defense consulting firm. She lived in Washington, DC and served the United States Department of Defense with a focus on global terrorism issues. Prior to her defense work, she earned her BA in International Studies from American University’s School of International Services in 2007.
Chiara’s hobbies include obstacle racing, running, swimming, kayaking, SCUBA diving, and opera/classical singing. She also loves country music and chocolate!

Getting Personal: A Lesson Learned from Genesis Direct

October 10th, 2014

Genesis Direct logoThis was my first time visiting Genesis Direct headquarters. While it was a beautiful building, I saw things you might expect – a lobby, a receptionist, a couch, some magazines… and a sign with my name that welcomed me to the company…

Wait … what?

GD_welcome_signAh, the sign! It took me by surprise at first, but it made me feel special   and predisposed me for my meeting with Mike McNally, Genesis Direct’s  Senior Account Executive!

Mike talked with passion about the entire work process at Genesis Direct, from the idea all the way to mailing with the USPS in their building. Let’s not forget the 3 H-P Indigo 10000 Digital Presses that are the showcase of the entire  plant.  These digital presses are still a rarity in direct mail marketing because of their price and because they are so new, but they are the key to variable data printing. Speaking of optimization and customization; on a single sheet you can image nine large cards at a time, and each and every card is unique to the individual—the graphics, the offers, etc.


He also talked about PURLs (not pearls) and QR codes, and multi-channel marketing and everything else that the company does. PURLS or personal URLs are microsites that could carry the name of the client and contain information that is specific to that particular person or company. The same applies to QR codes and Mike provides a thorough explanation in his YouTube video. All these, together with the print machines and the welcome sign are tools that have one main purpose – personalization.

So let’s go back to the welcome sign. I felt special and welcomed and that is what matters in today’s marketing world. I saw my name, where I come from and who is welcoming me. It was personal and sincere but most of all … it was very relevant to the Genesis approach. Through their work, Mike showed me how one should know as much as possible about the customers in order to speak in a relevant way.

Data drives the touch, so try to obtain as much transactional data from your client as possible. It will help you with your acquisition, cross sell, upsell and retention initiatives. Whether B2B or B2C – try to learn  as much as you can about your customers; know their demographics; know what they like; know the specifics of the area they live; consider what might be their struggles; find out what they just bought so you can predict their next logical purchase, etc.

From knowing their first name, to understanding local area point-to-point driving route maps, to speaking to the customer in personalized way; all of it has an impact on the customer.

The bottom line is, do your homework and then use what you learn to make someone feel welcome if you want to trigger action.

About the Author:
Fany Georgieva

Fany Georgieva

In 2006 Fany landed in Florida straight from Bulgaria and brought with her two Bachelor’s degrees  – Broadcast Journalism and Film Production. With such diverse, yet related academic background, she decided the right thing to do was to get a Master’s degree in “something similar”. So, she graduated from the University of South Florida with her Master’s in Strategic Communications. Currently, Fany is a Production Assistant at AVI-SPL Creative Show Services and is constantly on a quest for learning and gaining professional knowledge to establish herself in the field of Communications.

Marketing Not to Be Ignored

May 12th, 2014
by, Chiara I. Tedone

Email is a marketing area that cannot be ignored. According to a study done by McKinsey & Company, email is nearly 40 times more effective at obtaining customers than Facebook and Twitter are. Email will serve you well in your efforts to keep your brand, products, and services on customers’ minds; and it will also help you build loyalty and increase your revenue in the long term. Email marketing is also an extremely effective way to reach customers on their mobile phones and mobile marketing is a must! As important as email marketing is, believe it or not, some companies which otherwise have strong marketing strategies still do email marketing incorrectly. These tips will act as a basic cheat sheet to guide you on your way to a successful email marketing strategy.
Best Practices
1) Focus on your goals! Make sure your goals for your email plan are in line with your broader marketing and business plans.
2) Use analytics tools. It is important to know how many subscribers you have, how many are reading your emails on desktops and on mobile devices, how many are visiting your website via email links, and how many are making purchases thereafter.
3) More focus on email centric content. Email content should not just be cut and pasted from a website or from a template designed for traditional mail. Email content should be specifically designed to work well in an email, whether the person is opening the email on a mobile device or a desktop.
4) Personalize and target. Target your emails to specific subgroups within your customer community. Broad reaching impersonal emails tend to be overlooked. Remember, your customers receive hundreds of emails a day from companies. Tailoring to the customer’s interests, demographics, behaviors, etc. will set you apart from the rest. Obviously, to gather enough information about your customers to successfully segment them requires the use of analytics tools and/or surveys customers are required to fill out upon creating accounts on your website.
5) Facilitate site visits. Make sure your emails entice customers to visit your site and make it easy for them to do so.
6) Use email to engage. Use email to invite your customers to engage with your brand. You can invite them to write humorous stories about their experiences with your products, take pictures of themselves using your products, enter contests to win merchandise or discounts, etc. Use your imagination!
7) What’s in it for them? Your emails should always be about your customers; each email should offer information or opportunities of value to them. If you tend to only write promotional emails about yourself and your products, your customers will likely see you as an annoyance, which detrimentally impact your brand.
8) Landing Page. What is just as important as the email you send is the landing page to which the email leads. This page should be continuously updated and optimized to offer fresh images and new valuable information. This page should be easy to navigate.
9) Test, test, test! Always test your emails within your company before sending them. Test the links, the appearance, ease of navigation within emails and from emails to landing pages. Also, make sure the right emails go to the right inboxes when you are segmenting your customers.
10) Creative content is essential. Include it in your emails and update it frequently.
11) Mix email campaign styles and methods and switch content types. Test them out to see which work best for different segments of customers.
12) Avoid spam filter trigger words. Words such as free, opportunity, offer, click here, and discount will likely send your email to customers’ spam folders. Research online to find more trigger words and make sure they do not appear in your emails.
13) Keep in touch! Stay connected with customers and prospective customers by checking in every once in a while with emails that offer information valuable to them.

Apps for Marketing Gurus

April 6th, 2014
by, Chiara I. Tedone

There are quite a few apps useful to marketers. The apps listed here focus on organizing information, managing social media, managing contacts, blogging, and web analytics/SEO. This list only scratches the surface in terms of informing marketers about useful apps. However, the apps on this list can be useful to almost any business.

  • Evernote will help you collaborate with peers, organize information, and securely save information in the form of notes, pictures, and web clippings. All of the information you save in Evernote will remain searchable. Information will sync across all of your mobile and desktop devices and you can access it offline as well. This app can help streamline marketing and communication efforts and can aid project coordination and peer to peer communication between team members working remotely, which makes it a marketing team’s dream! Evernote is also compatible with video conferencing software to enable note sharing and a variety of other business software.
  • Flawk and Hootsuite are useful to social media marketers. Flawk will allow you to host live Twitter Q&As with your followers. Hootsuite will enable you to update multiple social media accounts simultaneously and pre-schedule updates.
  • With Contacts+, marketers can easily maintain relationships with clients and other useful contacts. The app links those in your contact list to social and communication networks and allows you to send messages through one of many platforms by syncing the contacts’ profile data and contact information.
  • Feedly & Buffer are two blogging apps that work well together. Feedly is an RSS reader. When using it in conjunction with Buffer, you will be able to read your blogs on Feedly, pre-schedule your blog sharing on Buffer, and do it all from your phone!
  • iAnalytics brings Google Analytics to iPhone users.
  • Spydermate SEO Score Card is another SEO/analytics tool that will score any domain name based on the following data: Domain Authority, Unique Domain Backlinks, Google US Traffic Value, Google US Keywords, Facebook Shares, Twitter Shares, Google+ Shares & Domain Age. The overall SpyderMate SEO Score reveals the percentage of web sites performing worse than the domain that was scored, which is a good way to perform a quick assessment of your competitors’ sites.
  • Analytic, another SEO app, tracks website visitors’ bounce rate, average time on site, average pages per visit, and page views. It reveals visitors’ operating systems and browsers and the countries from which they access your site. It also records whether visitors come from direct traffic, search engines, or referring sites.
  • Website SEO Analyzer generates individual SEO reports on a URL and will provide a breakdown of on-page SEO including Meta data, page headings, images, and alt tags. The app will provide details on the domain, its age, site location, and number of indexed pages. However, it does not provide continuous real time analytics like some of the other apps do.

How Businesses Get in Gear for the Holiday Season

August 19th, 2013

Yes, it's still August, but that doesn't mean that you should wait to make your marketing campaign for the holidays.

Even though the weather in Tampa is hot and summer-like pretty much all year round, the holiday season will be approaching fast. As consumers, we may not even start to think about holiday shopping until at least November, but for advertising and marketing professionals, the season gets an early start.

Planning ahead
Many retailers and businesses start planning for the holiday season sales before the school year begins. So much time and effort is put into planning that they need to have their ideas finished and put into place fairly quickly. You also want to be sure that your campaign is fresh and new. Never recycle ideas from previous years. Tap into your imagination!

Quick changes
You may have noticed that many stores decorate early for various holidays, which means that you see Halloween items in September and Christmas decorations as early as October. When you celebrate Thanksgiving as well, there isn't a whole lot of time for preparation in between. When you're ready for the quick turn-around, everything will go according to plan.

Being ready
When the holiday season actually begins, make sure that you have everything in place to make your seasonal campaign a success. You can even keep your creative juices flowing and do year-round marketing for the holidays.

Make sure that you're ready for anything when it comes to marketing your business professionally and successfully. Keep checking out the AMA Tampa Bay website for more insider tips, tricks and the latest industry news.

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5 Fundamentals of Marketing a Non-Profit

August 12th, 2013

Help your non-profit organization stand out with these smart marketing strategies.

Working with a non-profit organization's budget can turn successful marketing into a challenge. When marketing a non-profit, try these suggestions for helping your message make a big impact.

1. Make sure that you have a strong social media presence. Social media is a simple, effective, and often free way to deliver news, photos, and other marketing material to a vast audience. In fact, "68% of people are more likely to take the time to learn about a charity if they see a friend posting about it on social," according to a  2012 study.

For a look at some non-profits who are achieving social media success, refer to this infographic.

2. Take advantage of Google+. When it comes to web results, Google is where many customers will turn. Does your non-profit have a Google+ profile page, verified address, or linked blog or website? All of these elements can help your non-profit yield higher search results.

3. Figure out how to define success online. Major fundraising requires major funds to place PSAs, commercials, or other media-friendly ads in the public eye. Instead of stretching your budget, use social media to develop grassroots fundraisers, and be prepared to replace dollar signs with metrics in terms of measuring success.

4. Make it easy for followers to take action. If you've captured someone's attention, don't make them dig through status updates or unclear messages to understand how they can help. Make a donation page, email sign-up, or other important marketing material easy to interact with, both on- and offline.

5. Know when to take it to the streets. Sometimes, "grassroots" or street marketing is the best way to get the word out about the good that you do. Figure out if street marketing could benefit your non-profit.

Make the most of your non-profit marketing budget by joining AMA Tampa Bay! Visit our website to learn more about the leading source of information, knowledge sharing and development in the marketing profession for over 60 years.

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Six Tips for Your Marketing Resume

August 5th, 2013

Seeking a career in marketing? Give your resume a boost with these helpful tips! 

Rising above the pack to get noticed by a hiring manager may seem like a challenge, but instead, consider it a chance to sell a potential "client" on a winning brand: you! Make your marketing resume stand out from the crowd with our suggestions.

1. Include a cover letter. You have the opportunity to let your creativity, passion, and style shine through in a well-crafted and concise cover letter. If you don't take advantage of this, a potential employer may wonder whether you will go above and beyond for the company.

2. Keep it simple. Choose a layout, font, style, and overall design that will leave a potential employer dazzled by your ability to execute an ad. After all, your resume is an advertisement – make sure hiring managers will take notice.

3. Don't waste space. Most hiring managers are extremely busy, so former employment that has no bearing on the job you're trying to obtain will just be regarded as wasted space. Keep your job descriptions, past and present, on point. The same goes for your writing samples – sometimes less is more.

4. Triple-check your work. With stacks of applications to review, a grammatical error could be enough to get your resume tossed into the trash. Your brilliant ideas suddenly don't seem as professional when there's a typo or two in the mix.

5. Include a marketing objective statement. An objective statement allows you to summarize exactly what value and services you can provide to the company. A powerful career objective can highlight your best assets in seconds, which is sometimes the length of time hiring managers spend reviewing resumes. Make yours stand out!

6. Highlight quantifiable results. Did you increase ROI or quarterly profits at your last company? Show the ways that you have created measurable results through bulleted lists. By placing an emphasis on quantified, specific accomplishments, you'll set your resume apart from the others. 

Are you ready to get started with a career in marketing? Give your resume a boost by joining AMA Tampa Bay!

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