Meatloaf Rebranding Underway: Part 5 – The Philippines

Filipino Loaf: Embutido In our meatloaf rebranding mission, we’ve traveled the world to look at countries where Loaves are extremely popular and not playing second fiddle to another food (as Loaf does to Hamburger here in the U.S.). Our last stop was Iran. There were plenty of spices, side dishes, and delicious extras tied to […]


The things I learned from Tampa Bay Business Journal (TBBJ) – Communicate Locally

Small Business Saturday is long gone, but that tiny jewelry store on Main Street is still your bread and butter and people seem to pass by without noticing it. So what do you do? You get with the program: create profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. to promote your business. You spend endless nights online […]

Q&A with Port Tampa Bay’s Karl Strauch

Have you registered for our April 16th event – Repositioning a Global Brand: A Case Study on Port Tampa Bay – with guest speaker Karl Strauch, VP of Branding Development and Strategic Alliances? If not, you need to hurry up because seats are limited. Don’t miss your chance to meet and learn from the marketing […]


10 Tips for Creating Engaging Videos

When working on a video project, you need to be in storyteller mode. Importantly, you’re not just imparting information; you’re crafting a story that you hope will connect with specific audiences on some significant level. The challenge is that there are many variables that can prevent that connection from happening: bad lighting, a nervous interview […]

Meatloaf Rebranding Underway: Part 2 – Western Europe

Readers, we need your feedback! Do you come from a country where Meatloaf (or something similar) is a popular food? If not, do you know anyone who does? Please share your international versions of The Loaf and help the American Meatloaf with his brand image. Departure from the American Loaf Dear Meatloaf, I was glad to […]


Why Rebrand AMA Tampa Bay?

We have been slowly rolling out rebranding plans that include our website and logo, among other things. Many of you have asked a very simple, but important question: “Why rebrand?”. Here are just some of the comments:     Explaining Reasons for Rebranding In order to provide more perspective,  some board members and volunteers have chimed in: […]


The Buzz About Brand Journalism

What is brand journalism? Many marketers are curious about how brand journalism can impact their careers, companies, and clients. Soon, Lisa Arledge Powell, renowned brand journalism expert, will share her knowledge with us at our next event on March 27.  Mrs. Powell already answered a few of our basic questions about brand journalism, but there’s […]


3 Ways to Get Millennials Into Your Doctor’s Office

I am only one person and do not aim to speak on behalf of all Millennials (young adults born between 1980 and 1999). However, I’ll have you know that I did just score a 94% on the How Millennial Are You quiz conducted by the Pew Research Center (http://www.pewresearch.org/quiz/how-millennial-are-you/results/). This is a great resource, by […]