Goal-Setting For Marketing In Healthcare & Beyond

Setting marketing goals is an art. It requires a delicate midpoint between achievable milestones and unattainable dreams. If you allow it, setting and maintaining goals can be a somewhat torturous deliberation. Understanding that the key to success is not in squashing goals and moving on but in setting them so that each marketing effort serves […]


“Customer no service”. Have you ever said to yourself, “How do they stay in business?” Have you ever been caught in an auto-answer hell desperately pressing “0” to reach a live person? Have you ever lost a client/customer and you couldn’t figure out why? Do you know how your customers perceive your service and more […]

Business Owners: Surprising Mistakes to Avoid When Having Your Website Redesigned

So you're giving your website a new look–great! Just don't make these mistakes. Thinking a website redesign will create new business. The vast majority of website redesigns commissioned by business owners focus on the website visual layout, graphics and colors. In almost all cases, the executive team spends hours and hours debating things like shades […]

Top 5 Client Service Rules

There seems to be tons of different blogs and articles written about marketing and advertising news — everything from current events to new technologies to case studies on how brands and companies are utilizing various mediums to accomplish their goals. I’ve decided to take a different angle with this blog and talk about a book […]