Visual marketing and communications: How to make photos and graphics

By Mike Stephenson With visual marketing and communications becoming dominant, more and more companies are focusing on the how to of incorporating visual content into their efforts to get their message out. “As we continue on in the next couple years, the need for visual storytelling is going to become greater …” Indiana University Health […]

Visual marketing and communication: It’s important to show your work

By Mike Stephenson Your Facebook feed is cluttered with photos, videos and graphics. Your attention constantly bounces from checking your Twitter feed to skimming your email to thumbing out a text-message reply. But what do you remember? What communication is breaking through? Increasingly, it’s visual marketing and communication. While studies show people remember 10 percent […]

Microsoft's Miri Rodriguez @MiriRod

Microsoft® Event Recap: Tell Your Story Through Customer Experiences

By Erin Hardy. AMA Tampa Bay welcomed Miri Rodriguez (@MiriRod), Microsoft’s Delivery Development Lead in Social Media and Communities, as the guest speaker on Thursday, January 26. Approximately 100 attendees enjoyed Rodriguez’s expert insights on using social media to tell a brand’s story during the Chapter’s monthly Keynote luncheon. Go Back to Basics: Your Brand’s […]

AMA Tampa Bay launches #MOYAMA contest

By Mike Stephenson The AMA Tampa Bay Marketer of the Year event is approaching and here’s your chance to help. Share hashtag #MOYAMA between now and Feb. 15 to help promote the annual awards ceremony. Each time you share the hashtag you’ll be entered into an AMA Tampa Bay contest drawing for the national AMA’s […]

Event Preview: Why Microsoft Keeps It Real on Social Media

By Erin Hardy Having a solid social media strategy and plan is no longer an addition to traditional marketing methods. Major brands like Microsoft understand that social media is a core component of any marketing campaign. Miri Rodriguez—Microsoft’s Delivery Development Lead in Social Media and Communities—sees every shift in what audiences want from brands, and […]

How email marketing still packs a mighty punch

By Mike Stephenson Social media are all the rage and represent important marketing tools. But those tools should be used to build relationships with potential customers. Among the best ways to do that is to use social media to build your email marketing list. Only 4 percent of companies rate their email performance as excellent, […]

Why Audience Profiles are Critical for B2B Marketing

By Erin Hardy Most B2B businesses think that audience profiles are a great idea—in theory. The same folks also often think that they know enough, and that official audience profiles are just a “nice-to-have” kind of thing. But successful B2B content marketers know that audience profiles should guide every headline, blog post and hashtag they […]

Marketing Strategy ABC’s for Busy Marketers

By Gary Beemer At a recent conference, a room full of professional marketers where asked to define the term “Marketing Strategy.” Simple enough… right? At first there was an awkward silence, which was followed by a variety of definitions that seemed to be parts of a larger answer – like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle […]

Member Spotlight: Kristin Whitaker

AMA Tampa Bay’s Member Spotlight: Kristin Whitaker, Chief Advancement Officer at Girl Scouts of West Central Florida A monthly feature for our members to learn from the insight and experiences of other members Kristin, what is your professional background and current position? KW:  Since graduating from the University of South Florida with a degree in Mass […]

Russ Klein Introduces 4 Marketing Practices to Give Your Strategy a Boost

As marketers, some of us have heard of design targeting, tension advertising, social currency, and integrated marketing. What do they mean? Why do they constitute best practice thinking? American Marketing Association’s CEO Russ Klein coined several of these terms based on his own empirical research, observation, and experience, and has been a pioneer of thought […]

Event Recap – IKEA’s Approach To Marketing Intelligence

AMA Tampa Bay welcomed Mary Lunghi, IKEA’s Market Intelligence Director, as its featured speaker at the Centre Club on April 21st. Ms. Lunghi provided the more than 100 attendees a look at how the global furniture company uses consumer research and analysis to shape its customer journey. IKEA’s beginning and why having an outside-in vs. […]

How IKEA uses Analytics to Shape the Customer Journey

On April 21st, Mary Lunghi, Market Intelligence Director of furniture retail giant IKEA, will speak to AMA Tampa Bay members about how data influences the customer experience. Anyone who has visited IKEA knows it is far from the typical furniture retailer. The reason has much to do with data, and Lunghi sits at the helm of IKEA’s data collection and analysis.