Visual marketing and communication: It’s important to show your work

By Mike Stephenson Your Facebook feed is cluttered with photos, videos and graphics. Your attention constantly bounces from checking your Twitter feed to skimming your email to thumbing out a text-message reply. But what do you remember? What communication is breaking through? Increasingly, it’s visual marketing and communication. While studies show people remember 10 percent […]

How email marketing still packs a mighty punch

By Mike Stephenson Social media are all the rage and represent important marketing tools. But those tools should be used to build relationships with potential customers. Among the best ways to do that is to use social media to build your email marketing list. Only 4 percent of companies rate their email performance as excellent, […]

How to Sell to Baby Boomers in the Current Economy

The baby boomer generation is the largest age demographic you can market to, although many advertisers ignore their massive potential for spending. In today’s tough economic times, successfully targeting your campaigns toward those born between 1945 and 1965 can bring in the sale quantities your company needs and keep your business afloat. Learn how to […]

When and How to Distribute Your Own Product

So, you’ve created a new product that you think could enrich the lives of potential buyers. Development is finished, and you think you are ready to sell. The problem is that you aren’t sure where to begin. Self-retail can be tricky business, no matter what kind of item you are trying to market. Without the […]

Adding Value through Customization

One need not be a control freak to have an innate yearning to have some sway over the world. When it comes to the things that people spend their hard earned money on, they not only have a yearning but a sense of entitlement pertinent to their purchases. People simply want to have things that […]

Bringing in a Ringer

Celebrity endorsement is a staple of the advertising industry. If you market to consumers, this tactic can be successful regardless of what product or service you sell. One night of watching television or taking the time to flip through a couple of magazines confirms that nearly everyone is willing to use celebrities to help get […]